Plaza de España in Seville, Spain

Plaza Espana Blue Hour

Plaza de Espana at Blue Hour

Although this large open square, Plaza de España, may look several hundred years old, it was built relatively recently, 1929, when Seville, Spain hosted the World’s Fair.  Access to this plaza and the huge adjacent gardens is free and it is so large it is never very crowded.  Great local music was being played and echoing around the tiled hallways as I explored this plaza.
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The Road to Hana, Maui Hawaii

Limbs Gone Wild

The Road to Hana is a popular must-do attraction for many visitors to the island of Maui.  Guidebooks and audio tapes are available with descriptions of places to visit along the way, pinpointed by mile markers.  This is quite confusing as the mile markers start over three times along this 12 hour route.  Some tourists display the ‘Aloha’ spirit and take their time crossing the 50+ narrow one-way bridges, and navigating the twists and turns.  Others are in the rush-rush mode, making the trip to Hana memorable and challenging in numerous ways.
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Aloha from Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Eve

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii must be one of the more popular, well-known beaches in all the world.  Not necessarily the most beautiful, but with all ranges of restaurants and top quality shopping, combined with ease of access from Japan, makes it a top destination for tourists around the world.
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Characters Along the Way…


Previously I went on a rant stating I did not like guided tours, tourist trap experiences and many museums, preferring instead meeting the local people as best I could.  (August 23 post)  Here is one such fun encounter with a local.  When I first saw this old man in his 90’s, he was painting his ocean front cottage on a rare, warm sunny day in Northern Ireland.  It seemed as if he was getting more paint on himself and the window panes than on the sashes and frames.  Does he plan to later use a razor blade to scrape the paint off of the window or is this good enough?

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Retirement Planning…. be prepared…


Stairway to Retirement



I started preparation for retirement from my first job out of collage.  Immediately when I qualified for savings contributions to their 401-K plan I participated to the maximum the company matched, I contributed 6% before taxes and the company contributed an additional 3%.

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Best of Show in Nogal, New Mexico

Panorama Point Rainbow

Panorama Point Rainbow

I am happy to say this photo just won Best of Show at the Dry Gulch Gallery photo contest in Nogal, NM.  I won $1,000 for this first place prize. Yipeee!  This photo was not totally just luck.  The off and on rains of the day made this a high probability spot.  I also hiked up a bit specifically to include the curvy dirt road in the photo.