Final Prep, Cruise to Barcelona

Spain 2016 We are now in the final stages of preparation for our 2016 cruise to Barcelona, Spain.  We will explore Spain and Portugal for about 90 days then we will depart from Barcelona for a flight to possibly Romania or Bulgaria.  We will travel in a clockwise fashion from Barcelona around Spain and Portugal.  The curved line on the map is a flight and the straight lines are  trains and bold lines are planned car rentals. Continue reading

Retirement Planning…. be prepared…


Stairway to Retirement



I started preparation for retirement from my first job out of collage.  Immediately when I qualified for savings contributions to their 401-K plan I participated to the maximum the company matched, I contributed 6% before taxes and the company contributed an additional 3%.

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Great Scott, It is Time to Retire!!

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd

Thirty-seven years in the finance business is coming to an end April 29th 2011.  While I have been planning for retirement since my very first job, the year 2000 attempt was thwarted by the bursting tech bubble.  After a few more years retirement was again delayed by the financial crisis in 2009.  Timesawastin’ and there’s a world to explore with camera in hand.  If one waits for everything to be perfect with no risk involved, we would be frozen with indecision.  Things to do list includes make insurance decisions, sell car, buy truck, downsize through EBay and Craig’s List, travel to New Mexico from Chicago via Route 66.

See you there…..