Grand Canyon Erosion Photography

Grand Canyon Erosion

Layers upon layers of rock in a mile deep canyon, the Grand Canyon

Most any photo of the Grand Canyon landscape will reveal the many colorful layers of very different rocks.  Billions of years of erosion and upheaval have revealed ten distinct layers.  My favorite to photograph was the vishnu shist.

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Bay of Fires and Hobart, Tasmania

Red lichen covered boulders at Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires in Tasmania is famous for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches and orange lichen-covered granite boulders.  As a photographer, these bright red beach rocks in Binalong Bay on the east coast were a must-see item during our visit to Tasmania.

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Red HOT Lava Hike, Hawaii

Lava Scape

When traveling much of the experience for me is not only eating the food unique to that particular region, but also participating in those activities found nowhere else.  On the Big Island of Hawaii, for most people that means a trip to Volcanoes National Park.  For me it meant going one step further, seeking out the red-hot flowing lava.  This lava hike and visiting Madame Pele, is thus far my most exciting adventure in four years of retirement…

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Sedona, Arizona

Schnebly Pools

Sedona was our first extended stay since returning from six months in Europe.  Driving across the country from the ship’s port in Fort Lauderdale to Northern California can wear a person down.  Clearly it is better than sitting in a cubical struggling with a company budget on a cold, windy Chicago day, but the travel can get a bit old.  We do our best to find fun places to visit along the way such as Graceland, but three weeks in Sedona, not having to move suitcases or learn new appliances and shower workings, was a welcome relief. Continue reading

London, England (Last Stop)

Chard BuildingQueen Guards
Having returned the rental car in Cambridge, England we took a train to London and taxi to our VRBO rental.  Initial impression and safety appearance of our street seemed somewhat borderline.  However, the unit was comfortable and stylish and we soon learned there were many restaurants and much activity nearby. We had Indian food for the fifteenth time in Europe.  It is now quite apparent there are not huge variation in Indian food and we certainly have our favorites, but lamb vindaloo and chicken tikka masala is quite consistent across the US and Europe.

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Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Dingle Sports Bar

Dingle was our base for exploring this well-traveled peninsula and its fishing villages.  Dingle seems to have the right mix of locals and good restaurants to serve the many tourists.  While we were there we were often rained on five or more times a day.  This peninsula is dotted with many smaller fishing towns, all having several nice pubs and restaurants.  Late into the evening we could hear what sounded like an entire bar singing Beatles songs.
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New Mexico Red or Green Chile

Green Chile StewPasoleIt is said the major question in New Mexico is “… red or green?”  This is in reference to your chile preference.  There are plenty of articles discussing this question.  To avoid this critical decision, one can order their chile ‘Christmas’ which is half and half.  There are two New Mexican dishes one can order and avoid the question, green chile stew (never red) and posole which is always made with red in the restaurants.   Please note I am aware these are not fine art photographs and may have been taken after a couple beers, but I think you get the idea.  There is, in my opinion, a large difference between southern New Mexico and northern New Mexico food.   We think it is easier to find good New Mexican food in northern New Mexico like Santa Fe and Taos area.  The important concept to grasp is to eat where and what the locals eat.  Stay away from the chains when traveling and experiment with the food with an open mind.

Hatch Chile

Rosted, Green?

Rosted, Green?

Red Ristras

Red Ristras

Unique to New Mexico is the close relationship with red and green chile in our recipes.  Most sought after is the Hatch chile from, of all places, Hatch,  New Mexico.  Hatch hosts an annual chile festival that I cannot necessarily recommend unless your relative happens to be competing to be the Chile Queen.   I will certainly miss the great New Mexico chiles and the roasting tradition carried out every fall.  Wonderful aromas and tastes.  Everyone should have a freezer full.