French Polynesian Islands of Bora Bora and Tahiti

French Polynesian Atoll

Coral Atoll

Cruising into Bora Bora it suddenly became clear what an atoll looks like. Completely surrounding some of the islands is a coral reef sticking up out of the water. To get to the island there needs to be a break in the reef somewhere, but this circular reef serves as good protection to the island and a place where fish gather, an atoll. Continue reading

Bucket List for Travel

My Travel Bucket List


If a task is not written down on a list for me it will likely not get done, or certainly not get done on time.  I am a methodical list maker.  With that in mind, I created my first travel bucket list.
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Best of Show in Nogal, New Mexico

Panorama Point Rainbow

Panorama Point Rainbow

I am happy to say this photo just won Best of Show at the Dry Gulch Gallery photo contest in Nogal, NM.  I won $1,000 for this first place prize. Yipeee!  This photo was not totally just luck.  The off and on rains of the day made this a high probability spot.  I also hiked up a bit specifically to include the curvy dirt road in the photo.