Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Dingle Sports Bar

Dingle was our base for exploring this well-traveled peninsula and its fishing villages.  Dingle seems to have the right mix of locals and good restaurants to serve the many tourists.  While we were there we were often rained on five or more times a day.  This peninsula is dotted with many smaller fishing towns, all having several nice pubs and restaurants.  Late into the evening we could hear what sounded like an entire bar singing Beatles songs.
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Kenmare, Ireland

Castletownbere, IrelandKenmare, Ireland is a small town in southern Ireland that serves as a very good base for exploring the peninsula via the well-traveled 110 mile Ring of Kerry and the smaller peninsula to the south, the Ring of Beara.  Wonderful views of the North Atlantic,  great stone walls where sheep graze waiting for their next sheering and vast fields of vivid shades of green await the travelers to this area.  Miles and miles of thick, solid stone walls are a striking and common sight.  No mortar binds these rocks.  What backbreaking work it must be to first dig these rocks out of the fields where the sheep graze, then carry them to the wall and sort through them for the right shape to fit with the adjacent rocks.  At least they had cool weather and great views during their efforts. Even more picturesque is the adjacent Ring of Beara, which we circumnavigated twice.
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Carrozza New Mexico

Ever have one of those days where you did not know if you should EAT or DRINK, then realized you could do both??

Eat or Drink

Eat or Drink, Which shall I do????

This is a very nice lady I met in a small town in southern New Mexico, Carrozza.  If I get to visit just half the places she has, my retirement will be a success.  She had such a great positive outlook on the world while doing it, something else I’ll work on….




Truth or Consequences . . . . New Mexico

Welcome to T or C

Welcome to T or C

??? Did not go in...

??? Did not go in…

Although born and raised in New Mexico, I do not recall ever having traveled to Truth or Consequences, until today.  The town is as funky as the name.  The first store we wandered into was an East Indian meditation shop where customers were discussing shadowing techniques used in their tattoos.  The town is full of laid back people chatting it up with surprised tourists.

The town was originally called Hot Springs but re-named itself after the popular radio and TV show in some publicity contest in the 50’s.  This town is near Elephant Butte, which is a large recreational lake that is in the process of drying up like the rest of the state.  Instead of rushing north on I-25 as most do, we did our best to act like wondering retirees and took all of the side roads.