Grand Canyon Erosion Photography

Grand Canyon Erosion

Layers upon layers of rock in a mile deep canyon, the Grand Canyon

Most any photo of the Grand Canyon landscape will reveal the many colorful layers of very different rocks.  Billions of years of erosion and upheaval have revealed ten distinct layers.  My favorite to photograph was the vishnu shist.

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Reflections in the Grand Canyon


It seems viewers expect photos of the Grand Canyon to look like, well, the Grand Canyon.  However, a great variety of reflections in the Colorado River kept me occupied.  These abstract, more intimate scenes, are preferable to me over your typical landscape photography.

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Toroweep Overlook North Rim Grand Canyon

Toroweep-Overlook-20120512-_ALL0797The drive to Toroweep Overlook on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park is long and dusty.  It is 58 miles of dirt road, one way.  The last 6 miles require a high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle.  I came across two disabled trucks.  One had three of the five lug bolts sheered off and the other a blown tire.  Another big problem would be to encounter someone going the opposite direction on the narrow road.  I took over three hours to cover the 58 miles when the books say it should only take 2 1/2.

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