Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Dingle Sports Bar

Dingle was our base for exploring this well-traveled peninsula and its fishing villages.  Dingle seems to have the right mix of locals and good restaurants to serve the many tourists.  While we were there we were often rained on five or more times a day.  This peninsula is dotted with many smaller fishing towns, all having several nice pubs and restaurants.  Late into the evening we could hear what sounded like an entire bar singing Beatles songs.
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Fungie the Dingle Dolphin

Waiting-for-fungie-20140820-_ALL3478Waiting-for-Fungie-20140820-_ALL3485A large part of the Dingle, Ireland economy is based on a lone bottle-nosed dolphin named Fungie.  No less than eight large boats full of eager tourists will mill about in the harbor hoping that Fungie will soon be sighted.  Boats refund your ticket price if there is no Fungie sighting.  Immediately upon spotting Fungie, which seems to be a near certainty, all the boats speed forward, creating a wake from each boat hoping Fungie will choose their wake for surfing and jumping, providing paying guests with the best view.  It is a hokey but fun time, waiting for Fungie to suddenly appear, then the shouts of delighted tourists as the boats speed off, another successful day in the Fungie business.

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