Greenland Villages


yellow field

Nanortalik, Greenland Field of Dreams

Greenland villages are small by any standard.  The largest town in Greenland, the largest island on earth, has less than 20,000 inhabitants.  Nanortalik has about 1,100 people making it the eleventh largest town on the island.  So I was wondering what is the eleventh largest city in the US?  If you go strictly by incorporated city limits, it is Austin, Texas.  If you include the primary statistical area it is the Miami, Fort Lauderdale area with over six million residents.

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Gaudi Town, Casa Milà & Casa Batlló

La Pedrera Little Buddy in Casa Milà

La Pedrera Warrior and Little Buddy in Casa Milà

It is difficult to comprehend living in Casa Milà, the famous Antoni Gaudí designed apartment building as several families do to this today.  There may not be a straight line nor 90 degree angle in the entire seven story complex.  Gaudi is where we get the term gaudy, but I do not think that term fits this great innovative architect.
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Sea World FL, All Creatures Great and Small

JellyfishOrkas-20140415-_ALL1108Just finished a tour of Sea World with my niece who works there part time.  I was surprised at the $92 entry fee per adult.  Adding in Disney World, and Epcot, a Florida vacation could cost several thousand dollars for the family of four flying in from the cold.  It is clearly directed to family fun and entertainment for the kids, kind of like a giant water circus…..  Sea World also does many injured animal rescues each year.  From my point of view, it was hard to imagine not just the initial expense of building the very special water facilities, but the ongoing maintenance and upkeep required.

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Sheltering Sky

Sheltering Sky

I was retired for only a couple of weeks, when I saw an interesting statement on a lady’s hand bag while riding the CTA in Chicago.  After memorizing as much of the saying as possible, a search of the Internet informed me it was an excerpt from a novel written by Paul Bowles, “The Sheltering Sky.”

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