Brightly Colored Homes, Newfoundland

Brightly colored homes

Brightly colored homes in Newfoundland, Canada

My theory regarding brightly colored homes seems to still hold true.  European towns with long, cold winters have the most brightly painted houses.  These brightly colored homes were a common sight in St. Johns NL, Newfoundland-Labrador, Canada.  Most every home and business in this town followed this tradition.  Islands seem to have more subtle pastels.

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Greenland Villages


yellow field

Nanortalik, Greenland Field of Dreams

Greenland villages are small by any standard.  The largest town in Greenland, the largest island on earth, has less than 20,000 inhabitants.  Nanortalik has about 1,100 people making it the eleventh largest town on the island.  So I was wondering what is the eleventh largest city in the US?  If you go strictly by incorporated city limits, it is Austin, Texas.  If you include the primary statistical area it is the Miami, Fort Lauderdale area with over six million residents.

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