Gaudi Town, Casa Milà & Casa Batlló

La Pedrera Little Buddy in Casa Milà

La Pedrera Warrior and Little Buddy in Casa Milà

It is difficult to comprehend living in Casa Milà, the famous Antoni Gaudí designed apartment building as several families do to this today.  There may not be a straight line nor 90 degree angle in the entire seven story complex.  Gaudi is where we get the term gaudy, but I do not think that term fits this great innovative architect.

Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera,  was commissioned by a wealthy businessman in 1906 as both his residence and numerous rental apartments.  Several families continue to live there in quite large and unique accommodations, each about 3,200 square feet.  I was not able to determine how much this privilege costs.  These families have their own entrances and elevators so they do not have to fight the many thousands of tourists who pay to see this UNESCO designated World Heritage structure daily.

Casa Milà is on a regular street corner, sandwiched between other buildings as you would expect on a busy main thoroughfare in Barcelona.

Le Pedrera Gaudi Bldg

Le Pedrera or “Stone Pile” refers to the rugged rock exterior of Casa Milà

A close-up view of the lower balcony shows some of the detail.  Gaudi even designed the furniture and ceilings lights for the living spaces.

La Pedrera Balcony Detail

La Pedrera Balcony Detail, notice the ceiling is not at all flat

Casa Batlló, on the other hand, was a colorful redesign of an existing building just down the street from Casa Milà.

Casa Batllo Facade

Casa Batllo Facade, Street View

Here is a view, looking straight up, at a ceiling light with the curved spirals of the ceiling resembling the symmetric spirals of a nautilus sea shell.  Gaudi got much of his inspiration from the sea and nature.

Nautilus Sculpted Ceiling and Light Fixture

Nautilus Sculpted Ceiling and Light Fixture of Casa Batlló

A cozy fireplace nook with seating on each side.    All tiles and ceramic forms were custom designed.

Fireplace Nook

Ceramic Fireplace Nook in Casa Batlló

This could be your view from the living room looking onto the busy Barcelona city street.  Notice the ceiling is anything but flat.  It is easy to understand how some say Gaudi tried to make you feel like you are looking out from the ocean depths.

La Pedrera Livingroom View

Casa Batlló Living room View

This is a main stairwell and railing of Casa Batlló.  Notice the walls are not simply painted but have detailed designs, similar to water reflections or maybe a giraffe.

La Pedrera Stairwell

Casa Batlló Stairwell

None of the walls have a simple coat of paint and again, no straight lines.

Casa Batlló Wall Detail

Casa Batlló Wall Detail

This long hallway in Casa Batlló has neither ceiling lights or sconces, but elaborate curves letting in natural light.  I do not know what happens at night.

La Pedrera Hallway

Hallway Arches of Casa Batlló

Around a seven story stairwell is an atrium letting in natural light.  Even though the atrium is totally enclosed, it is made to look as if it is the outside of another building.

Seven Story Atrium

Seven Story Atrium of Casa Batlló

The Rooftop Warriors of Casa Milà

Not satisfied with normal or traditional chimneys and air vents, Gaudi made these to look like sentinels or warriors.  Some are large enough to walk through.  These appear on the rooftop, but again you are walking up and down stairs, noting is flat for long.

Chimney Gardians

Chimney Guardians of Casa Milà


Casa Milà Rooftop Warriors

Casa Milà Rooftop Warriors


Rooftop Chimneys viewed through an Arch

Rooftop Chimneys viewed through an Arch

Inside the attic, the building method of the larger arches is evident.

La Pedrera Support

Architectural Support Structure and Design of Casa Milà

Antoni Gaudi was so thorough, he even designed the lamp posts in the neighborhood!

Gaudi Designed Lamp Post

Gaudi Designed Lamp Post

Here I am standing on the fifth floor balcony of the colorful Casa Batlló.  Nice I wore a shirt to match the ceramics.

Harold at Casa Batllo

Harold at Casa Batllo

Casa Milà and Casa Batlló are two of four astounding Gaudi designed structures in Barcelona.  All are very worthy on their own, but for a city to have four such wonders, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Segrada Família and Park Guëll is why we have deemed Barcelona to be Gaudi Town.


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