Savanna of Kenya

Lion yawn

This lioness may appear to be roaring, but it is an early morning yawn, as flies buzz around her face.

After leaving Uganda our photography safari led us to the Kenya savanna.  Seeing the big cats in the wild, up close and personal, was to be a high point, culminating with the wondrous wildebeest crossing of the Mara River.  Someone forgot to tell the wildebeest.  There was no crossing.  None, nada.  Continue reading

Kenya Photo Safari

elephant ears

Elephant portrait

Kenya Photo Safari Begins

The next couple weeks were spent bouncing around Kenya exploring the savanna from the window of a Land Rover.  I was the only person in our ten photographer group to not print off the correct travel documents for entry into Kenya from Uganda.  Fortunately, we had gotten to the airport in time to correct this oversight.  More African travel frustrations.  Continue reading

Eating Cuy, or Guinea Pig in Peru

Guinea Pig in Peru

Looking like Three Blind Mice, I was anxious to try Guinea Pig

After a recent photography trip to Ecuador, I was disappointed to have missed out eating their national dish, guinea pig.  So given the chance to once again try this unique local cuisine in Peru, I jumped at the opportunity.  Better yet, our Peruvian cab driver let me know the Ecuadorians do not know how to properly prepare guinea pig like the Peruvians do … lucky me! Continue reading

Home Free Travel, Things I Miss Most

Truck Packed up leaving Chicago

Truck Packed up leaving Chicago

Many, if not most, working people would likely jump at the chance to travel where and when they wanted, especially those now sitting in a cubicle with no view and a day of deadlines and meetings.  I did not always plan to travel in retirement, but that is our current plan.  I am no expert yet, as we have not yet started our first big solo trip to Europe and we have only been home free since September 2013.  However, there are certain inconveniences with a life on the road you may want to figure into your dreams or plans.
Continue reading