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Truck Packed up leaving Chicago

Truck Packed up leaving Chicago

Many, if not most, working people would likely jump at the chance to travel where and when they wanted, especially those now sitting in a cubicle with no view and a day of deadlines and meetings.  I did not always plan to travel in retirement, but that is our current plan.  I am no expert yet, as we have not yet started our first big solo trip to Europe and we have only been home free since September 2013.  However, there are certain inconveniences with a life on the road you may want to figure into your dreams or plans.

1)  No DVR.  It is beyond comprehension why someone would not have a DVR at home.  These devices are light years ahead of the old DVD players and make life so much more enjoyable.  One can watch news or any TV show at their convenience and skip through the commercials.  If the phone rings or you miss what was said, you can pause and reverse as needed.  No more snapping at your spouse to be quiet when trying to hear Art Cashin forecast the market on CNBC.  A DVR can make for a happier home.  It is also perplexing to me why there is not a portable model made for travelers.

2)  Less healthy eating.  Gone are the days when I get to make a salad just the way I like it every evening with fresh vegetables, strawberries, raisins and my favorite dressing.  In Mexico the vegetables are wilted, limp, brown and I found a worm inside a strawberry.  Then you need to wash them in water that you are not supposed to drink, using a disinfectant called Microderm to kill bacteria.  It is too much effort for the poor results.

3)  Not having a pet.  We always had a cat or two but when the last one died, we made a decision to not get another, getting ready to travel full time.

4)  Not having your own organized (or not) desk.  Now I am sprawled out on a bed or couch trying to do my finances, photography updates or taxes.

5)  The Wall Street Journal delivered to our door, or available at all.

6)  No consistent exercise room or gym.  It is important to try to exercise or continue to exercise when traveling.  We could often get out and hike, but we find if we pay for a membership and have access to a good gym, we are more likely to exercise with consistency.

7)  Tax preparation is much more difficult when on the road in a foreign country or in a motel in the States.

8)  No insurance on personal belongings.  Insurance of your personal belongings at home or in your vehicle are normally covered under a homeowners policy.  With no home, no coverage.  No professional insurance is available on my camera equipment.

9)  Good eggs.  The eggs at motels at times do not resemble eggs at all.  Not in texture, taste or color.  Bad with a capital ‘B.’

10)  No private bathroom.  My wife just added that she misses her own bathroom….





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