Kenya is for the Birds

King fisher

The Giant Kingfisher of Kenya.  I was just as surprised as this poor fish.  Yes, he eventually swallowed the fish whole.

Kenya is for the Birds

From the ugly marabou stork and the very gross hornbills to the beautiful weavers and shiny Guineafowls, Kenya has quite the variety of birds.  Taking advantage of my camera which will take up to 20 frames a second, these bird photos will often be shown here as a series of photos.  To not lose my audience too quickly, I’ll start off with the attractive African weaver birds before getting into the ugly and gross.

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Kenya Photo Safari

elephant ears

Elephant portrait

Kenya Photo Safari Begins

The next couple weeks were spent bouncing around Kenya exploring the savanna from the window of a Land Rover.  I was the only person in our ten photographer group to not print off the correct travel documents for entry into Kenya from Uganda.  Fortunately, we had gotten to the airport in time to correct this oversight.  More African travel frustrations.  Continue reading

More Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

We were told to not stare back at the gorillas, or make direct eye contact with them….

This was our third and final trek to see the gorillas.  I’m thinking I should take more movies to record the sights AND sounds.  However, I did record them on my phone since some of the sounds were in the dark.  After Uganda we fly on to Kenya where we are supposed to see ‘The Great Migration’.

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Uganda, Africa

African elephant

Elephant eyes

In July of 2022 I visited Africa for the first time.  How could I be considered a world traveler never having visited Africa?  My flights to Africa were the most arduous travel I’ve ever experienced. Delayed flights, lost luggage and an unscheduled 18 hour layover in Dubai.  Traveling alone added to the angst.  I arrived at 3:00am a day late for the safari…

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