Palouse, Washington Landscapes

Designs of the Harvest

Designs in the Palouse and the “broccoli tree”

The Palouse farming region in eastern Washington, near Moscow, Idaho is a beautiful patchwork of fertile farmland planted with spring and winter wheat, mustard seed, canola and garbanzo. The hills and creeks play a role in forming the unique designs found in the photographs of this rich farmland. Continue reading

White Sands National Monument

Yucca and White Sands Thunderhead


Periodic trips to Alamogordo, New Mexico are required so we can visit our s-t-u-f-f  tucked away in a dusty storage shed.  Each time we swing open the door, we are a bit surprised at the items we have saved while unable to find some other needed treasures.  When visiting Alamogordo, we get our fill of Mexican food at Margo’s Restaurant and visit White Sands National Monument.
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Valencia, Spain Home of Santiago Calatrava

Valencia Oranges at the Train Station

Valencia Oranges at the Valencia Nord Train Station

Valencia, Spain is home of the Valencia orange, many olive groves and birthplace of famed futuristic architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava.  One of his larger installations is in Valencia, named the City of Arts and Sciences.
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Shamrock, Texas

One of the highlights of the trip down RT66 was to see some of the restored gas stations in Shamrock, Texas.  We were fortunate to have a storm roll in and give me some good evening clouds.  The trip to the Magnolia gas station was inspired by a photo photographer Ben Wilmore created.  Here is what I was able to capture of these fine restored gas stations.  Turns out you normally need reservations in this small town due to the oil and gas boom, but since it was a holiday weekend we were able to get a place for the night.

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