York, England

York Minster Cathedral

The prominent attraction and landmark in York, England is York Minster Cathedral.  Our landlord was kind enough to escort us to hear the choir sing one evening.   While we had already been to many churches in Europe and Great Britain, we realize each church is unique if you take the time to learn about them.  For example, it is easy to gaze upon a huge stained glass window, think it is beautiful and move on, not seeing anything special or unusual.  In one window of York Minister, there was a surprising amount of humor.  For example, one pane depicted a wife twisting the ear of her husband who was on his knees.

Much of the old section of York, within the old protective walls, is mostly pedestrian only.  However, the delivery cars sneak up and surprise many tourists.  The center of town was filled with very high quality musicians and other street acts.  Some of the streets such as the old 14th century street known as The Shambles, is barely wide enough for a single car.  York was also the home of a giant train museum showing many very old train engines from England.

We ate at the same pub numerous times during our week-long visit, the Golden Lion.  They serve surprisingly good food which is always served very hot, just out of the oven or pot.  Never in Europe or the UK did we have lukewarm food as is all too common in the States.  Here one orders from the bar, tells the bartender what your table number is and out comes piping hot, good traditional English pub food.  In addition one gets to try one or several of the 15 plus local draft beers.  We will certainly miss that part of our trip….

20140926-_ALL6037Train Wheel BrassRed Train Wheel

River Ouse in YorkThe River Ouse runs through the center of York, periodically creating severe flooding…

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