The Lake District, Keswick, England

Derwentwater Shores

The Lake District is a favorite destination where the avid hikers of England go on holiday.  VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) properties for us to rent were scarce in this area so we stayed at a B&B.  Each morning the hosts would ask where we hiked the prior day and we did not have a good reply.  We explored nearby towns and went to a local sheep dog fair (see September 21, 2014 post), but hiking just to hike was not on our agenda. While I was taking the above photo on a chilly morning, several groups of women wearing wet suits waded into Lake Derwentwater and swam across for exercise.  While one may not be able to find a more beautiful place for a morning exercise routine, swimming in this cold lake had not even occurred to me….  This swimming also introduced additional waves for my reflection photos.

Derwentwater MorningRow boats lined up on Lake Derwentwater.


Stone CircleAncient Castlerigg Stone Circle outside Keswick, England, a type of mini Stonehenge.


Here too all of the dogs we saw were exceptionally well-behaved.  Dogs would obediently sit outside of the retail store entrance, waiting for their owner to exit.  The dogs would then fall into line and walk next to their master.  We heard some other tourists comment they felt like the minority as they did not have a dog.  These well-behaved dogs will be addresses in another BLOG soon.

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