Cruise Ports in Chile

Umbrellas in Arica, Chile

Umbrellas in Arica, Chile

The people of Chile could not have been more genuine or more welcoming.  Interaction with the locals is always much more rewarding than visiting a museum or seeing costumed people dance for the tourists.

Shopping in Arica, Chile

Again on this cruise stop we did not go on a ship organized tour.  We instead did a little shopping in the town of Arica for some necessities, flip-flops and most importantly, a colorful plastic plate.  Having such a specific list can be a fun outing when exploring a new town.  This gives us a chance to practice our Spanish, generally with mixed results.

It may not sound like a big deal to most, but we left without packing our coveted turquoise colored plastic plate.  Traveling with this plate is very important to us.  It is the first thing we unpack upon arrival at each rental.  We both agree on its placement at each apartment.  This plate is where we place our keys, coins, tickets, passports, wallets and all items from our pockets.   Being creatures of habit, we have been lost without it on this trip.  The plate provides us with some degree of organization.

It seemed Arica would be a good place to look for a cheap replacement plastic plate.  Perusing our third store we found a plate we felt would work.  We had previously been told US currency was readily accepted in Chile, so we had not visited an ATM for this short stopover.  After waiting in the checkout line we were surprised to learn only Chilean Pesos were accepted as payment.  I offered more than their asking price equivalent in US money, but still the answer was no.  Obviously this caused a hold up in the line.  Everyone behind us could understand what was being said better than we could.  So off we went, without our plastic plate.

After hopefully visiting several more stores, we found no replacement.  Upon exiting our last retail store we were greeted by a Chilean couple who obviously had been behind us in the checkout line where we tried to buy our plate.  They had overheard our discussion and seen the commotion we caused in the store.  They had kindly purchased the plate for us and then searched us out to give it to us.  What a nice personal welcome to Chile!  We immediately liked Chile and felt welcomed.

A little later while I was engrossed taking photos of the umbrellas, a lady came up to Gayle and said “Welcome to our country.”  Another nice gesture of the Chilean friendliness.  Later, we realized Gayle was wearing a cap which said “Romania” and the lady probably thought that was her nationality.  Regardless, the locals certainly seemed friendly.


Umbrellas providing some much needed shade.

Decorative umbrellas providing some much needed shade.


The Local Fish Market in Coquimbo

For this traveler who was raised in the mountains of New Mexico, a fish market is always an unusual and fun place to explore.  In Italy, many vendors would not allow me to photograph them or their fish.  Here in Chile the vendors, upon seeing my camera, would call me over and proudly pose with their fish.  What a friendly difference.

I'm guessing his dad was a fisherman as well.

I’m guessing his dad was a fisherman as well.


I have no idea what these fish are or if I’ve ordered them in restaurants.


Mas Pescados

Mas Pescados

Since we left port in Miami in early December, I have eaten fish every day and often twice a day.  Generally it is not at all certain what kind of fish I ordered.  Translation of these names and dishes is never very clear.  We have learned that spicy dishes are not easily found in Peru or Chile.  Same was true in Europe.


Sorting shrimp

Sorting shrimp


Home of the Big Dogs

So that is how Doggis got their name

So that is how Doggis got its name

My wife pointed out this humorous scene to me.  Dogs begging at a hot dog store.


It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas


Why so Many Crutches?

The surprising number of people using crutches in foreign countries first became apparent to me while waiting for a bus years ago in Portugal.  I began counting them and during the ten or so minute wait, I counted a dozen people using crutches.  Here in South America we have seen the same situation.  On this market corner, three people using crutches were visible without me moving.  What is the deal with the proliferation of crutches?  My guess is that maybe we fix the underlying problem in the US and in these other countries you simply get a pair of crutches.

Crutches and…


more crutches.


Meanwhile, Back at the Ship

Returning to the ship there were at least five groups of what seemed to be high school aged people who were enjoying taking turns dancing for the tourists.  These were the most wild costumes.  From a photographer’s viewpoint, I should have learned by now that to photograph action the shutter speed should be increased to 500th of a second or so.  Most of my photos were blurred, taken at 125th of a second.

11 thoughts on “Cruise Ports in Chile

  1. Very colorful. I want you folks to know, if you ever find your way to Philadelphia again, I will have a blue plastic plate from the dollar store waiting for you.
    One of the singing group had a Ramones shirt on? I would have loved to converse even though I would not of understood her.

    Safe journey and thank you.

    • I noted the shirt as well. However, not all their t-shirts are selected from a store as you are accustomed to. I’ve met people in Chicago Bulls shirt who had no idea what a Chicago Bull is. They get overstocked items from USA thrift shops.

    • Certainly reminded me of Arguedas Portugal, but not nearly as grand or beautiful. Glad we just happened upon it and did not go out of our way. Thanks for continuing to read. Next week many beautiful graffiti paintings.

  2. Sounds like a fun stop. Great to meet nice, welcoming people. I remember the importance of the plate from your presentation to the camera club(s), and that context really helped understand the significance of the story. 🙂

  3. Great blog, Harold. It is fun to realize how friendly people can be everywhere. We too have found the locals to be welcoming and helpful pretty much all over the world. I’m assuming you were in Chile around Christmas? Otherwise, I am mystified by the Santa caps in the video.

    We are enjoying Coronado right now. Will be here until the end of February and then back to Meridian. Weather here has been absolutely fantastic this year with high temps 70 deg F or higher and only 1 day of rain since January 6th. Weather in Meridian has been great also, especially when compared to 2017! I think the forecast high for today (2/4/2018) is 60 deg F. Pretty amazing for early February in Idaho.

    Keep the blogs coming. I really enjoy them. Best wishes to you and Gayle as your great South Pacific adventure continues…….


    • Yes we were in Chile for Christmas. The posts are several weeks behind, but the dates of the blogs should be accurate.
      Gayle found the Panama Canal book you recommended. The bad news is its size. May need to leave it behind until I return stateside. Thank you for the suggestion.

  4. I loved the umbrella pictures. I thought it was inside with a tiled floor, but it was literally outside for shade!
    I can understand your desire for real human interaction vs the tourist “song and dance” but you did end with the most colorful and unique costumes I’ve ever seen. It would have been fun to see them dance and sing.
    Looks like you got the best of both worlds in Chile.

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