Beer Tasting in the UK & Europe

Switzerland Beer

Experiencing the food and drink where one travels is an important aspect of the adventure.  Scottish haggis (is there any other kind?) should be a requirement for anyone traveling to Scotland, in my travel guide book.  (See my September 19, 2014 BLOG Post, Inverness, Scotland for haggis info). One who travels to distant places yet still eats at chain restaurants found ‘back home’ is not really experiencing travel to its fullest.  There is no excuse for anyone to order a Bud or Coors Light in Europe, or ever actually…. or eat at one of the many the Colonel’s locations.
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Oban, Scotland or ‘Is This a Vacation?’

Oban Moon

Oban Harbor, On Vacation


Continuing our practice of alternating between large cities and small towns on our European tour, from Glasgow we next headed for the small town of Oban, Scotland.  While some scotch drinkers will recognize this a a brand name, most have likely never heard of this fishing village/tourist town on the west coast of Scotland.  The scotch distillery is right in the middle of town.  Along with my goal of tasting the local cuisine of where we visit, I went for my first scotch tasting here.  I am no expert and that may be a good thing, both physically and financially.
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