Belgrade, Serbia Transportation

Belgrade Trolly

Belgrade Trolley


Belgrade, Serbia is an attractive city.  It reminded us a bit of Italy, especially when coming from Bucharest which was more along the lines of post apocalypse.  Belgrade trolleys were newer, streets were cleaner and people seemed to pick up after their dogs more.  You could get just about anything you wanted on the Belgrade restaurant menus, as long as it was a variety of sausage meat with potatoes.  Getting to and from Belgrade is what presented us with issues…
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Oban, Scotland or ‘Is This a Vacation?’

Oban Moon

Oban Harbor, On Vacation


Continuing our practice of alternating between large cities and small towns on our European tour, from Glasgow we next headed for the small town of Oban, Scotland.  While some scotch drinkers will recognize this a a brand name, most have likely never heard of this fishing village/tourist town on the west coast of Scotland.  The scotch distillery is right in the middle of town.  Along with my goal of tasting the local cuisine of where we visit, I went for my first scotch tasting here.  I am no expert and that may be a good thing, both physically and financially.
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