The Rock of Gibraltar, UK

I never thought as a kid watching the Prudential Insurance ads on television that I would one day climb to the very top of the Rock of Gibraltar.  Further, who would have thought that monkeys were at the top waiting to steal food from tourists?  Actually we were told they are Barbary apes, so I guess I’ll soon need to go look up the difference.  This was a strenuous hike up a steep trail with many steps, called the Mediterranean Steps.  One member of our party had to turn back, so the rest of our group went on without our guide.  The mountains in the distance across the Straits of Gibraltar are part of north Africa!

We were told there is no unemployment in Gibraltar, UK.   In fact, there is a labor shortage so the businesses there must hire thousands of people from Spain who commute over the narrow land bridge connecting Spain to Gibraltar.  This road actually crosses the airport runways on Gibraltar.  However, Spain still feels like Gibraltar should be theirs, so they refuse to hire anybody from Gibraltar….