Northern California

Shasta Rose

All this traveling around and living out of suitcases can get a bit old, as I have stated in previous posts.  Not complaining, mind you, just simple things become bothersome, like your toothpaste is never in the same spot.  Is it in the toiletries bag in the bedroom or are we now staying in a place where it can be kept in the bathroom of all places?  Since coming back from Europe we mostly made a beeline to northern California to do something we have not done in our four years of home-free retirement, mooch off of relatives for a full month!

Thank you for your interest in my photography and retirement travels…..
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Mount Tetakawi, San Carlos Mexico

I walked about 50 feet for this sunset photo and the moon behind Mount Tetakawi.  It was basically taken from our deck.  We are staying in San Carlos, Mexico for a couple months.  The term Tetakawi either means hill of stone as most people say “Goat Tit Mountain.”  Either way, there seems to be surprisingly few photo opportunities in this sleepy little town.
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