Northern California

Shasta Rose

All this traveling around and living out of suitcases can get a bit old, as I have stated in previous posts.  Not complaining, mind you, just simple things become bothersome, like your toothpaste is never in the same spot.  Is it in the toiletries bag in the bedroom or are we now staying in a place where it can be kept in the bathroom of all places?  Since coming back from Europe we mostly made a beeline to northern California to do something we have not done in our four years of home-free retirement, mooch off of relatives for a full month!

Thank you for your interest in my photography and retirement travels…..

Northern California

My brother and sister-in-law have an exceedingly nice and spacious home right on the Sacramento River.  Their boat dock got washed away in the recent torrential rains several weeks before we arrived.  A couple of times a year we have stayed with relatives for generally two nights in a row, but never 30!  By the way, I’m not sure our travels can correctly be called a ‘beeline’ from Florida to California since we took 60 days to make this cross-country trek.   My brother and sister-in-law mostly went about their daily routine, going to work or tennis engagements.  Our job was to walk the dog, shop for and cook the dinners.  After not golfing the last four years, I joined the local country club on a winter discount special and walked the golf course three times a week.  This golfing splurge started when I had an exceptionally good outing on the driving range.  However, eventually, I reverted to what one would expect for a less than average golfer after a four-year hiatus.

No matter how you look at it, staying with relatives for this amount of time has got to be a huge imposition and we are very grateful to them.  I knew where my toothbrush was for a whole month!  Whooowhooo!  Next stop, Moab, Utah for a month.

Mt Shasta MoonriseAn almost full moon rises above Mount Shasta



18th Hole at WilcoxThe 18th hole at Wilcox Country Club n Red Bluff, CA


Sunset along the Sacramento RiverA California sunset casts a brilliant reflection in the Sacramento River


Oaks in the MistThe trees along the dog walk in a dense fog



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  1. We love your Northern California photos, especially the sunset reflection of the river from our backyard! We so enjoyed your visit and the month flew by quickly. Star misses her daily walks, and we miss coming home from work to a delicious home cooked meal and enjoyable conversation. Looking forward to having you stay with us again when time permits in your busy travel schedule! Doug & Kris

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