The Importance of Peruvian Hats

The Montera

The flat red felt hat known as a montera

Some Peruvian hats appear to serve little function.  However, they often tell other locals where the hat wearer is from and their family heritage.  The red felt hat is called a montera and can be filled with flowers, fruit and other adornments.  These are worn by Quechua women throughout the Sacred Valley.  When worn at such an angle, it may also tell others she is a widow. Continue reading

Split, Croatia

Split Harbor at Dusk

Split Harbor at Dusk

The main attraction in Split is Diocletian’s Palace, built in the 4th century by the Romans.  Today it is simply part of the old city with fancy shops and many restaurants primarily for tourists.  Split had the busiest harbor we have seen since Gibraltar.  There was a constant flow of cruise ships, ferries and yachts.
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Walking Around Barcelona, Spain


Arc de Triomf built for the 1888 Barcelona World's Fair

Arc de Triomf built for the 1888 Barcelona World’s Fair


My previous blogs of Barcelona have highlighted the works of innovative Spanish-born architect Antoni Gaudi, the Segrada Familia Basicilia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, as well as the Barcelona concert hall (not Gaudi).  Now I’ll simply take you around Barcelona for some of the interesting sites and discoveries.
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