Turtles of Cinque Terre

When we stayed in Corniglia, one of the five villages in Cinque Terre, Italy, the landlord had three turtles in the small backyard.  The first night there we watched Mom Turtle dig a hole with her hind legs then lay eggs.  No photos as I did not want to disturb her.  The next day Papa Turtle was quite proud as well, as seen in this video….

Signs in China, Now THAT’S a Bad Sign

slide-sign-smoking-20131029-IMG_1700slide-sign-smoking-20131028-IMG_1651 copyIf you were asked to make a sign written in Chinese, wouldn’t you want to have a Chinese person check it out?  Especially if it is a sign millions of people would see, or if it were a notice on your company’s product?  I think the Chinese must be very perplexed why many so many English speaking people stop and take a photo of their ‘No Smorking’ and “No Smooking” signs.

slide-fire extinwisher box-20131027-IMG_1591

There are LOTS more examples…. Read on.  Click on the image to see the entire sign.
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