Signs in China, Now THAT’S a Bad Sign

slide-sign-smoking-20131029-IMG_1700slide-sign-smoking-20131028-IMG_1651 copyIf you were asked to make a sign written in Chinese, wouldn’t you want to have a Chinese person check it out?  Especially if it is a sign millions of people would see, or if it were a notice on your company’s product?  I think the Chinese must be very perplexed why many so many English speaking people stop and take a photo of their ‘No Smorking’ and “No Smooking” signs.

slide-fire extinwisher box-20131027-IMG_1591

There are LOTS more examples…. Read on.  Click on the image to see the entire sign.

slide-signs-20131103-IMG_1963slide-signs-20131101-IMG_1845 copyslide-signs-20131109-IMG_2041slide-sign-20131105-IMG_2012slide-signs-20131105-IMG_2013slide-signs-20131101-IMG_1848 copyslide-signs-20131030-_ALL9391slide-signs-20131027-IMG_1591

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