Seaweed Swirls

I do not claim to be a cinematographer but occasionally I see ‘movie shorts’ that cannot be captured on a single image and am intrigued by their movement, not a single image.  A movie that highlighted these short clips was “American Beauty” where the next door neighbor guy filmed some leaves blowin’ in the wind.  Here is some seaweed flapping in the currents….the background noise is the wind.  To me it is interesting to think that wherever you are now, whatever you are doing, this action undoubtedly continues, on and on as it has done for thousands and thousands of years.

Aspen Breeze

The beautiful and brilliant golden color of the aspen trees is a familiar sight to anyone living in the mountains of the western US.  It is great family fun to have a fall picnic and have the kids run around and try to catch the falling leaves.  Or as I have done here, after taking several photographs, I simply laid on the forest floor, watched and listened.  The photo taken from this scene is in the Fall Colors Gallery.