With Peru in our Rear View Mirror, Hello Fakarava

Island in the distance

“Island, I see you in the distance… I tried to book passage, but you have no ports…” Jimmy Buffet

With South America in our rearview mirror, the friendly, beautiful islands of French Polynesia were eagerly anticipated.  Contrasts between the two could hardly be greater.  The laid back, easy living lifestyle on Fakarava Island was a very welcome change.

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Cold Morning Fog

One cold morning I went exploring the area around Crested Butte, Colorado.  I turned and went up a hill to see the fog from the warmer lake water meeting the frigid morning air.  This is a site we would see on occasion in the winter on Lake Michigan.  What I often find intriguing is that sites such as these are everyday for some.  One reason this clip was chosen is no cars drove by on their way to work.  Also, the guy with the circular saw gave it a rest for a while…..

Aspen Breeze

The beautiful and brilliant golden color of the aspen trees is a familiar sight to anyone living in the mountains of the western US.  It is great family fun to have a fall picnic and have the kids run around and try to catch the falling leaves.  Or as I have done here, after taking several photographs, I simply laid on the forest floor, watched and listened.  The photo taken from this scene is in the Fall Colors Gallery.