I want more cow bell!

The title of this blog is taken from an old Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken who demanded “More cowbell” from the Blue Oyster Cult band members playing “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”  On our last day in the Swiss Alps we embarked  upon a hike that was a bit tooooo long.  Fortunately for me, it was suggested by the desk clerk, our unofficial activities chairperson.  Because the entire hike was down hill from the top of the Murren, Switzerland ski tram it seemed it would be pleasant enough of a hike.  It turned out to be a long way to go, walking in the full sun, for a beer served just outside of an active, operating cow barn.  While hiking, we heard the loud clamor of many, many cow bells.  The video shows just how far away the cows were, but the bells they wore were loud and clear.  We had heard these cow bells at a town festival a couple of nights earlier, when I had to cover my ears they were so loud.  I have a video of that as well, but will spare us all the embarrassment of posting it….

Dolomites, near Corvara, Italy

Dolimites PanoramaThe Dolomites are called the Italian Alps, for good reason.  The mountains themselves are not extremely tall, but they rise so abruptly from a low valley floor their tall jagged peaks are very impressive.  The area is a mecca for skiers, hikers , mountain bike enthusiasts and para-sailing.  Many inhabitants do not like that this region became part of Italy after World War I, so there continues to be a strong Austrian influence in the buildings, language and menus.   We hiked most days here and learned about Italian rifugios.

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