Plastic Trash Bags….

trash-20140321-_ALL0553Can anyone please remind me of the reason that the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico recently banned plastic trash bags?  Ohhh, now I remember….

I generally am not in favor of the government passing laws to protect us from ourselves or getting too many regulations, but as we travel across the country it is surprising and very disappointing how very many trash bags are stuck to weeds, posts and residential fences.  Here we have lots of bags in nearly all the front yards of a neighborhood.  To me it is almost like we were allowed to have them for a while to see how we would handle the responsibility and we have failed miserably.  Therefore, the government is now taking them away from us.  I ‘get it’ that there are many alternative uses of these bags.  They are reused for many very valuable purposes.  While we travel, we have lots of these bags in the back of the truck.  But as often happens and as happened to us in school, a few bad apples spoil it for the rest.  Take these polluting bags away now and their remains will still be around for many years, flapping in the wind.  It is not just in the States, it was much worse in Mexico.  Hey people, clean up your trash bags or the government may ban them in your area……

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