You Moooove Me

Being Nosy

Being Nosy

Driving down the road south of Tucumcari, New Mexico I saw several cows on the porch of the house you see here in the background.  Thinking cows on the porch of a house would make an interesting photo, I stopped.  Cows never pay any attention to the many passing cars, which are the norm and happen all day long.  However, if a car stops they immediately become interested in you and likely are hoping for some food.  It was very evident the original photo vision was not going to work, so this photo is the result.  It seemed to me that one cow was elected the spokesperson as all the others were too shy to come forward.  This photo is so clear, the ear tags of the cows in the background can be read as well as seeing each hair in the cow’s snotty nose.  However, I doubt this is going on anybody’s living room wall anytime soon…..Unless Kelly sees this and really likes it…..

One thought on “You Moooove Me

  1. Kelly said he’d snatch up the “You Moooove Me” photo had it been taken of beef cows hereford or angus; but not dairy. Too bad. . . .

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