Pie Town, New Mexico

Pie Town, New Mexico mainly consists of two great cafes serving fresh, hot home-made pies and a museum.  While they are at opposite ends of the town and on opposite sides of the street, they do not seem to compete much with each other as one was open on the weekends and the other on weekdays.

Pie Town Cafe

Pie Town Cafe

At the Pie Town Cafe we had their famous New Mexican Apple Pie which has spicy hot New Mexico green chilies and pinion nuts a-la-mode.  Not a combination I would have thought of but it was great and I would have it again, unless they have something even more unusual at the time….

www.pietowncafe.com  (575)772-2553

In addition to great, fresh pies, the Pie-O-Neer has a nice art gallery of high quality work including some good photography.  Kathy Knapp puts her heart and soul into not just the pies, but making sure the guests are well taken care of.



If you are passing through this area of New Mexico, a bit over an hour west of Soccoro, you are missing out on a real unique New Mexico treat if you pass these up.  Stop being in such a hurry to get somewhere and stop in and enjoys these fine pies….

www.pieoneer.com  (575)772-2711

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