Graffiti in Cagliari, Sardinia Italy

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Visits to many of these port towns in Italy remind us that ‘graffiti’ is an Italian word.  It seems that every spot, every corner is tagged with spray paint. There also is not much evidence that anybody is trying to stop it, no places sprayed over with tan or gray paint to hide the artwork.  An investment in a spray paint producing company seems like a good idea.  However, I wish to stress that Cagliari was a very pleasant, attractive town to explore on our own, no ship excursion.  Preparing for the next phase of our European adventure, I bought our Italian phone here and a SIM card.  The theory is that this will be cheaper than using our existing phones and paying Verizon for the additional usage abroad.  So we got a new phone and new phone number and we should be ready to call our future landlords in Europe to arrange meeting places.

2 thoughts on “Graffiti in Cagliari, Sardinia Italy

  1. In Rome, authorities have the graffiti painted over continually. Last year’s tagged wall near my house had ‘ What a wanderfull world’ written on it. Fresh paint here, however, is like an invitation for 3rd, 4rth, 5th, editions.

    • Roma truly is “… a Wonderful World.” We enjoyed our stay there and ALL that we saw. These posts are going in order of when and where we visited, so Roma is on the way… I do not believe the graffiti is gang related or so negative as it is in the USA, rather it is art and a form of expression.

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