Time on my Hands…

The Three Tenors

At a local camera club we have a year-end party where members typically show a several minute slideshow of their favorite photos set to music.  I chose a different route for my photo presentation… a little less serious.  The goal is to have fun, right?

The phrase “Is that Photo-shopped” is used too much and often without merit.  This however is all done in Photoshop.

For those of you who know about Photoshop, this presentation consists of over 300 layers.  The project was required to consist of TIFF images.   But the 300 layers well exceeded the 4 gigabyte maximum size allowed for saving a TIFF image.  So I could not save my work, only convert it at the end.  One and done.  This got to be a rather lengthy project that may have been rushed near the end as I could hardly stand to listen to this song anymore.

I’m not showing this as an excellent result, rather my very first attempt leaving much room for improvement.  Thank you for viewing.


The original images were taken in Japan, coming home to the USA via Russia.  Click this link if you wish to see that BLOG on Japan.

Cruise, Tokyo to Seattle via Russia

4 thoughts on “Time on my Hands…

  1. I bet the club was surprised. It shows your sense of humor. Reminds me of the aggressive turtle that you’ve done before.

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