Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb Old and New

Zagreb Old and New

Zagreb, Croatia is a pleasant city, numerous parks with lots of flowers and fountains, great restaurants with large pedestrian malls serviced by modern trolleys.  The further we get from Bucharest, the better Eastern Europe appears.

Zagreb, Croatia

Our residence for the next nine days was a three bedroom, two bath apartment well over 100 years old.  With each step, the floors squeaked loudly.  I’m not sure what the resident below us heard when we walked, but there was no sneaking up on someone in this place.  Possibly the squeaky floor was drowned out by the very loud partying which went on right below our windows until 4:00AM every night.  Being a light sleeper, this would normally bother me a lot.  Maybe it is because I could not understand their language, somehow, it was just acceptible, loud background noise.


Zagreb Late Bar

Zagreb Late Night Bar

Here is an iPhone photo leaning out our window at maybe 2:00am.  It is clearly a local bar, no tourists here.  We never could figure out the draw for the customers.


Maybe you have heard the old bar joke at closing time, ‘You do not have to go home, but you cannot stay here.’  So the bar closed and the patrons continued to yell and carry on until at least 5:00am, sitting on the curb.  The street was full of litter, beer cups and cigarette butts.  But every morning the cleaning crew would come by and sweep it clean, ready for the new day.

you do not have to go home, but you cannot stay here..

You do not have to go home, but you cannot stay here…












Modern Buildings, Modern Art

Modern Buildings with Modern Art

Modern Buildings with Old Lamp Post


The photograph above shows the modern buildings juxtaposed with the older architecture.  It was pleasant photographing in this area near the opera house.  They were practicing and there was fine opera singing going on in the background.


Zagreb City Abstracts

Zagreb City Abstracts


Old Section of Zagreb

On such a rainy day, in a city trying to modernize, it seemed appropriate to try and take more abstract artsy photographs.

Zagreb Umbrellas

Zagreb Umbrellas


Zagreb Park

Zagreb Park was a great setting for a weekend food festival.

All towns in Europe seem to have and old church or cathedral.  Zagreb is no different.  St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb is known for the tiles configured to depict the coat of arms of both Croatia and Zagreb.  We have been into so many churches, we often do not go inside anymore.  After seeing Salisbury Cathedral, Notre Dame and St. Peter’s Basilica and many smaller churches, we feel we have seen our share.

St. Mark's Church in Zagreb

St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb

Museum of Broken Relationships

For those of you without enough problems in your life, you can pay to go read the problems of others, of loves lost.  Or maybe you just want to have a window into broken relationships.

Zagreb Museum Broken Relationships

Zagreb Museum Broken Relationships


Because of my business background, I simply see a great business model here.  Thousands of people send in their sad-sack love stories and some memorabilia for viewing.  The stuff in this museum is not priceless, believe me.  The only expense the owners incur is rent.  People line up to see read the mournful tales.  This museum is such a success a second location will soon open.

One problem for this simple business model is no barrier to entry for competitors.  So, on that note, to help me get started, please e-mail me your sad tales and a photo of an item associated with your tale of woe.  Here are some examples to guide you in your selections.

The Dominatrix

Dance to Your Own Music

Zagreb Museum Broken Rel IMG_4210 copy

Lucky Escape

Zagreb Museum Broken Rel IMG_4209 copy


Croatian Television

I’m sorry for the vast majority of you who are not familiar with the long running Morris Taylor show from Northern California.  It was a very corny country-western weekend musical series.  While in Zagreb, we stumbled upon what appeared to be the Croatian version of the Morris Taylor program.  Maybe when you were growing up, you recall some goofy TV program playing in your local area.  Here is one still playing in Croatia.





7 thoughts on “Zagreb, Croatia

  1. I will begin to gather articles for the Harold Hall Museum of Broken Relationships.
    I will attach a note on each item to ensure it is properly associated with the item itself and then contact a nautical carrier for shipping.
    The first item is a Betamax unit, the 2nd a VHS player, boxes numbered 2 thru 50 will contain articles from all the women I have met on match.
    Box #51 will contain only the ashes of my late German Shepherd, Lucky in a plastic bag. I hope the white powered remains of Lucky are not stabbed by knives of contraband checkers searching for illicit narcotics.
    Box #53 will contain a relatively recent acquisition, namely my GE Profile range top oven installed 14 months ago, It decided to pass away Thanksgiving day after 1.5 hours of cooking the turkey.
    I should send the small outdoor grill I have also, since it doesn’t fit a full grown turkey. I’ll think that one over a bit more.

    Enjoy your stay

    • Lou, thank you for the 53 boxes of relationship memorabilia. I’m hopeful the boxes are not coming C.O.D. as that could eat into my profit margin. Due to the quantity and size, they will be installed in a special section of the Lost Relationships Museum dedicated to you, ‘Lou’s Love Lounge’. Possibly you could suggest some special background music by the Furious Slugs or ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ by Pink Floyd. Let me know.
      Box 53 with the broken GE Profile oven is an especially bad tale, sorry to hear about it. Hopefully you got Chinese Turkey at the Chop Suey Palace.

  2. Back in the day Harold you would be down on the street, I guess we are just over the hill these days, well at least we made it this far. I enjoy your pics and blog well done saves me having to put all these places on my bucket list. Carry on!

  3. it must be time to come back to your homeland and grow some roots!! Why don’t you make pizza or the food that will give a variety to your diet? If you eat one meal out that leaves two for variety!!

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