Westport, Ireland

coffee-shop(Click to Enlarge)

This is one of those lay-over locations or stops we scheduled.  We had traveled five hours from the last stop in Dingle, and had another five to go to get to Bushmills and the Giant’s Causeway at the northern tip of Ireland.  So we stopped for two nights in Westport, a city of about 5,500 people.  Finally in a bigger city, we opted for Indian food, and took my photographer friend along for his first ever dish of Indian cuisine.  With no real sights to see, we walked around the town, photographing the buildings and city life.

The photo of the girl was taken at a coffee shop.  She was so intently listening to what was on her computer, she did not see me snapping photos of her 4 feet away….

The photo of the building with the flag is multiple photographs combined to help show the motion of the flag blowing in the wind.

Irish FlagWestport Bridge-20140824-_ALL3895Bicycles

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