The WEB site…. In the Beginning there was light…

… and I created many photographs and wished to share them with as wide an audience as possible.  After over a year of research, planning, and finally finding a WEB Designer and company to turn my ideas into reality, tonight I have uploaded my first few images.  Many photography sites on the WEB look very similar and are made with canned programs.  While my slide show and the concept of multiple portfolios is not new I am hopeful the unique art gallery look of this site helps showcase the photos I have enjoyed taking over the years.  Thank you for looking.

UPDATE August 2013:  I initially used Joomla as the WEB back-end language which was a problem to keep updated.  I am now in the process of switching to WordPress.

UPDATE September 2017:  WordPress continues to be the platform for this WEB Site.  It is easy to update, add photos and publish blogs.  A professional programmer is on call for a fee of $50 a month.  She handles all of the behind the scenes technical duties, major updates and server databases at my hosting site.  I highly recommend WordPress to small businesses and bloggers.

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