The Tale of Two Coastal Cities

colorful coastal buildings

For some reason, homes in coastal towns are often painted in colorful pastel colors.  Weymouth, England is no exception.


Our method of exploration of these coastal towns generally consisted of shopping for something we apparently feel we needed or forgot to pack, like warmer clothes.  We then search for a lunch spot in town to sample the local cuisine.  Indian food is very good across the UK, so that was often at the top of our list.  The local seafood was also good to find.  However, please note there is no Dover sole to be found in Dover, England.  No matter how good the food is on board, local cuisine away from the ship is a very welcome change.

Quiet Island Life of Skilly Isles

As you would expect, some of the very small island villages in the colder climates are as quaint as they are quiet.  Not a lot to do in Tresco Island, other than to watch the world go by and tend to gardens.  From what we saw, catering to tourists is high on the list with many cottages for rent.

Tresco Island

Not a lot to do in Tresco Island, England Scilly Isles, but sit and watch a bit of the world pass by as this gentleman was doing from his front porch while sipping tea.


cottage reflections

Seaside reflected in a cottage for rent.


stone cottage

Most of the homes were build very solidly of local stones.

Lots of time to watch the flowers grow.

ice plants

Ice Plant flowers on Tresco Island


old Benches

Plenty of old benches…. to sit on the bench by the bay watchin’ the tide roll away,



Sittin’ on the bench by the bay, wastin’ time

The More Raucous Weymouth, England

Apparently the Wessex Water Department has had some episodes of polluting the harbors and this little mermaid will have none of it.  She wants her fellow citizens to act and Wessex Water must cut the crap now!  Is this some little kids mom?  Gracious, how embarrassing.

Wessex Water

Wessex Water utility has polluted the water ways too often for this little mermaid.

It is difficult to act like a tough guy at the Black Dog Tavern when you are walking a little dachshund.  He didn’t scare me none.

black dog

A light brown dog in the Black Dog Pub.


changng booths

More pastel colors and abstract designs along the beach front.


European food Portion

People who think the food portions in Europe are smaller have not been to Europe.

By the way, the above photo is a hot dog.

Scotch Egs

Does a black and white photo  help make it acceptable Street Photography?

Well, we have had enough exploring of Weymouth.  This stop was a substitute for stopping in Penzance, due to inclemet weather there.

cruise ship

The most basic element which makes for a good photograph vs. an average one is the lighting.

Back to the safe confines of our cruise ship, our home away from home as the cruise director keeps telling us.

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