Australia: Port Douglas to Cairns; Frogs to Bats


Mangrove Trees

Mangrove trees at low tide near Port Douglas, Australia

Travel plans were once again befuddled by the South Pacific cyclones.  This time it was Marcus, which turned out to be the strongest, most destructive cyclone to strike Australia in over ten years.  Huge trees were toppled in Darwin, north of us.  We only suffered from severe rain.  Fifteen inches of it, in a single day.  That was enough to cancel all tours to the Great Barrier Reef. Continue reading

Swimming with Manta Rays

Manta Ray

When traveling, it seems only right to participate in the unique events that are available at that particular location.  For me that does not mean a luau and dancing for the tourists, rather a nighttime dive with manta rays seemed like a great experience I had not heard offered elsewhere.  The catamaran journey begins about an hour before sunset.  Very high waves this evening made for a rough ride.  Our captain said you can usually count on at least two people getting sick in these conditions.  I hoped it would not be me and he was eventually right.

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