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Acorn Woodpeckers

Acorn Woodpeckers

My Mom moved to Ruidoso, New Mexico in 1995.  She had 15 wonderful years here, enjoying the mountains, friends and working thousands of hours at the local Pink Lady Thrift Shop.  She was known for cleaning up old dolls of all shapes and sizes for resale in the second-hand store, making them available to little girls who may not have otherwise had a nice doll.  The local newspaper ran stories on more than one occasion about the Doll Lady of Ruidoso.  She passed away in September of 2010, and three years later my sister and I have finally sold the house.

Gayle and I are now where we have worked hard to be….. homeless, or home free and able to travel the world where we wish, when we wish.  We do not yet seem to really be into this mode of living.  All we have done is book a one-way cruise from Florida to Rome.  No return cruise and no places to stay during our five months in Europe.  We continue to pursue the re-positioning cruise listings……  Did you know you can cruise from Denmark to Singapore? Who knew?

So good-bye to many good memories, Christmases with my Mom, golfing at the Links, summer BBQ’s and my favorite home-made molasses crinkle cookies.  Our new adventure being homeless begins….

Mom's House

Mom’s House

The photo of the wood peckers was taken off the back balcony at my Mom’s house.