More than Just Stone Faced Moai on Easter Island

Colorful fishing boats of the Rapa Nui, on Easter Island

The Rapa Nui are the original inhabitants of Easter Island.  On the boat above the red smiley face looking design is a drawing of a decorative chest ornament called a reimiro worn by the original Rapa Nui women. On each end of the red canoe design a face appears on the chest plate.  This is the basis of the Easter Island flag.  So now we know the owner of the boat is a proud, patriotic fisherman. Continue reading

Famous Residents of Easter Island

I don’t think he knows we are here. Let’s sneak up and scare him…

Easter Island was never on my bucket list of places to see.  However, I was very excited for this visit learning it was an overnight stop for our Oceania cruise.  After five days at sea, departing from Lima, Peru, we arrived in Rapa Nui or Easter Island.  It was discovered by Europeans on, you guessed it, Easter Sunday, 1722.  I was now going to meet their famous stone faced residents, the moai. Continue reading