Packing and Travel Tips

Have you ever wondered how we pack for six or more months overseas?  I  just returned from Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.  For this two week trip I packed the same size airline carry-on suitcase and same camera backpack as if my journey was for six months.

‘CLICK’ brand camera bag and carry-on suit case

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Retirement Packing – Will it Fit Into the Truck??

Will it fit into the truck?

Will it fit into the truck?

Part of the retirement plan is to sell our car and buy a Ford F-150 pick-em-up truck.  Rather than settle in a single place, we wish to stay in small scenic towns across the Southwest.  Towns like Moab, UT; Taos, NM; and Page, AZ.  The goal is to get me closer to photography.  One cannot get great photos breezing into a town for a night or two.  I want to stay in each town for 3-6 months and experience numerous lunar cycles.  The truck is necessary to do a modern day version of the Clampets when moving from town to town.  So this weekend was the big test.  Will all of our belongings fit into a truck?  Gayle’s belongings could fit into two suitcases.  On the other hand, I have a large Epson printer, printer stand, golf clubs, computers, monitors and photo books and lenses….  On the attached photo, you can see the blue tape on the floor where I have outlined the dimensions of a Ford truck bed.  The indentations are the wheel wells.  The two large boxes at the end are wardrobe containers.  Bottom line is I have more donations to do….