Typical Florence – Ten Characteristics Revealed

Typical FlorenceThis photo reveals so much about Florence!  It is often my goal to find that scene which can convey the most about the character of the town or place I am visiting.  This is one of my favorite photos for that reason.  Here is part of what this photo shows:

1)  The addresses can tell the informed traveler this is Florence.  The numbering starts over for each street, which is often quite short.   So there will be lots of apartments with the number 1 or numbers less than 10.  Businesses have a different number sequence than residences.  Here the business address 14 is in red and the residential address is a blue number 6.  The business address would be written 14r which tells the Florentine person it is a rosso or red address.  The foreigner can mistakenly think this is an r for residential which is normally a black number, but is blue here.  The numbering system does not even follow the simple rule of odd on one side of the street and even on the other.   The distinction between what is a residence and what is a business is not always clear, such as searching for a bed and breakfast place which is a residence run as a business.  Fed-X has their work cut out for them.
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