Driving in Ireland

Road in IrelandSingle Lane Road in Ireland with Pullouts

Driving in Ireland the most common speed limit is 100 kph or about 62 mph.  This is down a road that is so narrow the tall green hedge on each side of the road has a small notch cut out of it where the automobile side view mirrors snap off the branches.  Certainly road crews do some major trimming from time to time, but these mirror notches are a common sight.  These vines and hedges make the narrow roads even more precarious as they encroach over the roadway.  Beneath these hedges and vines are not just more plants but solid rock walls just waiting to rip your car frame apart.  Around hairpin turns, one lane bridges and 90-degree turns, the speed limit remains 100kph.  Sometimes the words “GO MALL” will be painted in the road, which means to go slow in Gaelic, but still no posted reduction in the speed limit.
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