Salisbury, England

Salisbury Baptismal FontThere are two main attractions to see in this area, Stonehenge and the 750 year old Salisbury Cathedral.  The best Indian food we have ever had at the Shah Jahan and the friendly owners at the Old Ale House were added bonuses.  It surprised me that Stonehenge is a site that is totally visible from the main road.   Other visitors at Stonehenge told of how they were able to simply drive up in recent years and walk in.  No more.  Now there is an admission fee, buses which take you to the site and the obligatory gift shop.

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Paris, France


Three GracesStairs to LibraryParis is a beautiful city with a great deal of wonderful sights to see.  However, due to the Bastille Day festivities, many were fenced off or had fences around them that spoiled photographs.  Also, the unusually hot humid weather made venturing out a chore.  It seems a month-long stay in Pairs would be necessary to see the public fountains and sights in the right light.

Photos here are of the ‘Three Graces’ in the Louvre looking at an adjacent painting and the winding staircase leading to the Versailles royal library where I got a rare, private tour.
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