3 Days of Action, Jam-packed into 7

Travel Daytrain-StationMany people upon learning of our travels imagine all of the many, many sites we will encounter.  They recall their last seven or ten-day vacation, where they were ‘on the go’ every day, to our six months in Europe.  As the title of this BLOG implies, there is a lot of down time.  Traveling for six months and staying at each rental a week, means 25 travel days!  These are days filled with some level of stress of trying to make a 10 minute train connection, negotiating a closed train ramp as we encountered in Rome, or boarding the wrong train car entirely and being told we need to move back several cars into economy class.  We also spend time planning the next leg of the journey, walking to the train station to buy the tickets, trying to learn what platform to go to, etc.  We have pictures drawn in a small notebook to bridge any possible communication problem we may encounter when trying to purchase the tickets.
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