September 11, 2001. Another anniversary.

9-11 Memorial Rose

All Americans felt the pain of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The official death toll is 2,996; 176 from Aon Corporation, the company where I worked.

We lived in downtown Chicago, which at the time of the live televised news coverage had skyscrapers which were said to be possible targets for the still missing airplane.  From the living room windows in our downtown Chicago condo we could see both the Sears Tower and John Hancock buildings.  Because of where we lived and where I worked, the events had a large impact on me.

To help me cope with what I was feeling at the time, I made a YouTube video compiled of the images then flooding the internet.  CLICK the link below to view it.

9-11 LINK to You-Tube


More of my YouTube Videos

Prior to my current photography hobby, many years ago I made a variety of videos which are still posted on YouTube under the name ‘Mooser53’.  At least one video had the background sound removed due to copyright issues.  I’m happy that my video of the 9-11 events still has the music by Sarah McLauchlan, “Will You Remember Me?”  One video I produced has almost 250,000 views.  My other videos should be visible below the link provided above.

Current 9-11 Memorial

In 2015 I visited the 9-11 Memorial in New York City.  A link to that blog is below:  Unfortunately, the United States has much practice in creating memorials.

9-11 Memorial, NYC


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