San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Cactus Sunrise, Sea of Cortez Mexico

Cactus Sunrise, Sea of Cortez Mexico

If the visit to San Carlos is to be judged by the people we met, the visit was a grand success.  Less so from the photographic side, which may be simply my fault.  I did not get an abundance of good photos, but hope to stay in touch with the people we met.

San Carlos is not so much a town steeped in Mexican traditions, art or culture, but rather a town largely built around many USA and Canadian retirees living in a warm climate, less expensively than they can in the USA.   It is a very laid back casual town.  We were going to arrive later than anticipated so we called the office where we were to pick up the keys.  They told up to look for the beer store next to the Catholic church and they will hand us the keys to our condo.

Here is a slide show of some of the images taken on this trip.  Each of the three photos with palm trees in them were taken from our door step at the resort where we stayed.  The vista of the blue lagoon was taken from near the top of Tetakawi Mountain.  This is no easy hike with switchbacks as one would expect in the US.  Since it is not in a park and there is no erosion from rain, the two trail to the summit go straight up the mountain.






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