Pompeii and Herculaneum Italy (Plus a Bonus)

Herculaneum Italy

Herculaneum Italy

While staying in Sorrento, Italy we visited both the towns that were buried by Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago, Pompeii and Herculanium.  The only train between Sorrento and Naples passes right by these excavations.  Theese towns once had the ocean right at their doorstep but are now set back due to the massive amounts of volcanic ash and lava.  The bright colors are striking.  My photos show apparently I was impressed by the varied brick work and textures, but decided not to include those here.

Pompeii Skull

At these excavations there were many tours being given in a variety of languages.  While they often impart some beneficial information, my head soon turns them off as they cite one stat after another.  Especially on our China tours, hearing about the Meing, Ching and Chang dynasty got old.  So here we wandered around on our own, still impressed with the size of the devastation and the work done to uncover it.  The Romans had great plumbing systems for the day.  Spas had heated floors and the streets were flooded daily to clean them, yet provided permanent steps allowing people to cross without getting their togas wet and wheeled carts with standard axle widths to pass through.

Now… for the BONUS round.  You have heard that prostitution is the oldest profession and Pompeii is a testament to that…  There was a brothel with images in plaster posted on the wall.  Archeologists speculate they depicted that particular lady’s specialty.  It was interesting to see the tourists expression upon exiting this room.  It seemed the oriental ladies really got a kick out of it and were laughing, others not so much.

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