Oak Alley Plantation

I have seen photos of this iconic Louisiana plantation located a short drive west of New Orleans for years and am happy I finally made the visit.  It was raining off and on all day.  There were still many tour groups getting in the way of my photography.  Tour groups would finally step inside only to quickly reappear on the second floor balcony.  When all the tour groups were finally hidden, more tourists would start lining up for the next tour and exploring the area.  I was, however,  able to stitch five photos together for one large panorama photograph that can be printed 24 inches by 96 inches, wow!  These can be seen in the Flowers, Plants and Trees Gallery, Fl46 & Fl47.

Oak Alley Umbrella

It was raining the entire day, off and on. Often beginning photographers try to get everything into focus. When in a situation where main objects are moving, make all of the necessary camera adjustments to take as long of an exposure as possible. Obviously, a tripod will be needed for this. Here, the blurred azalea blooms create nice diagonals as well as creating more area of the colorful blooms.

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