New York City

John Lennon “Imagine” Tribute

Taking a ride through Central Park in NYC, the John Lennon tribute, known as Strawberry Fields, was pointed out.  It is across the street from the prestigious Dakota Apartments where he and Yoko lived and where John was shot by a crazed fan, Mark Chapman.

The Human Zoo Called Times Square

Times Square evening

I was excited to see Times Square as a photographer.  However, with each successive walk through Times Square the appeal wore a bit more thin.  At the end of our few days here, we avoided walking through it altogether.  There are, of course, the bothersome, endless selfies and unique street entertainment.  All manner of hucksters are trying to make a buck in the Big Apple.

President Donald Trump Hands out Green Cards

Trump handing out green cards

The Naked Cowboy Entertained All

For the life of me I cannot remember the song he was singing or playing on his guitar.  What does he wear at the gym where he works out?

Naked Cowboy


Scantily Clad & Collecting Dollars

Scantily clad ladies of Time Square

So, I asked the friendly police officer who told me I could not have a tripod in Times Square the rules for the nude ladies running about.  The law requires they must wear bottoms, but only paint is required to legally round out their attire.  I felt obligated to chase these two hard working entrepreneurs down and make sure they were in compliance.  No citizen’s arrest needed here.  Notice the lady on the left has a wad of bills in her hand.


Statue of Liberty Tour

Liberty and NYC Skyline

This was my second visit to the Statue of Liberty.  We did not wait in the long line to schlepp up the steep stairs to the crown.  NOTE: Here is an important piece of advice, which you will get in no brochure, for those of you who may choose to tour the crown:  Choose wisely whom you are standing immediately behind in the line to the crown.  Due to the very steep staircase, you will be staring at the derrière of the person you are following for a very l-o-n-g period of time.

It is likely impossible to find a completely new angle for photographing Lady Liberty, but I tried and am very happy with the results below.

Statue of Liberty

A tour of the Statue of Liberty also includes a stop at Ellis Island.  It is an impressive place when you realize its history and how so many of our ancestors passed through the main hall and stairwells. In those days immigrants were required to pass a variety of medical tests and possess $20, which was quite a large sum in 1900.  Below is a view from Ellis Island back to Manhattan Island.  The flag is at half staff due to the Las Vegas killings.

Liberty flag at half staff due to Las Vegas shootings


The Empire State Building

Who would travel all the way to New York City and not visit the top of the Empire State Building?  We would.  The line seemed very long, so we only visited the lobby.  We did visit on our first trip, I am told.

Empire State Building Lobby


Empire State Building illuminated in the colors of a sports team

As a lead-in to the next section, the Empire State Building was completed in 1 year and 45 days with private funds, under budget and ahead of schedule.  The Calatrava Transportation center within the 9-11 Memorial complex was completed six years beyond the original scheduled time and cost $4 billion, $2 billion over budget, with taxpayer funds, but it sure is beautiful.


Calatrava Oculus, Transportation Hub

It seems most any photographer could be kept busy for hours photographing the angles and lines inside the World Trade Center Transportation Hub designed by famed Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.  It is the world’s most expensive train station and high end mall.  It was built with $4 billion of taxpayer money, took over 10 years to complete and went $2 billion over budget.  Everything Calatrava designs goes well over budget, exceeds construction time and is followed by many lawsuits.  The Oculus at the 9-11 Memorial site is no exception.

Calatrava Lobby


Designs, Lines and Angles

Calatrava Commute


Oculus Landscape


Keeping it Clean

Some liken the building to a dinosaur skeleton, as the above photo may suggest.  The outside looks more like a bird.


The Atrium of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub


Exploring Designs Outside the Transportation Hub

A ‘Wing’ of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in the foreground.


Calatrava Curves

And just because I know my sister dislikes black and white photos, here is a blue one just for her.

Calatrava Blues

I Would Like to Live in Manhattan

The variety of services which can be offered when there are 1.7 million people nearby is impressive.  What a dining adventure it would have been to drop into one of these ‘grab-and-go’ kitchens on the way home from work.  Huge selection!

Endless salad offerings


Fruit Offerings


In addition to the fruit and salad dishes, there are too many ethnic hot dishes and desserts to list.  We were too busy dining out to try these, maybe next time.

12 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Harold, amazing as always! I love NYC and I love your”view” of it! Especially liked the lobby of the Empire State Building!

    • Loved the angle you chose for the Statue of Liberty. And thanks for the very patriotic shots of the two young women in Times Square. You may want to consider Macro Lens next time. Just to get you closer to the subjects.

    • Thank you Cindy. Hopefully there will be more in the weeks to come as we travel to Chile, Tahiti, Tasmania, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Alaska. We are already tired and worn out from all the planning.

      • Harold — Your photos are magnificent. I can hardly wait for the blogs from your upcoming adventure. Is Machu Pichu on the itinerary? An amazing place!

  2. It has been 5 years since I was in the Big Apple so the 911 Memorial and Calatrava Oculus are new to me. What an undertaking and I see why it took so long! Absolutely stunning! The art deco design of the Empire State Building and of course the Chrysler building are my favorites! You make me laugh!

  3. Love visiting the Big Apple! So much to see. Yes, Times Square is like nothing else, isn’t it? I especially enjoyed your Calatrava shots — very creative, and loved the placement of the people in those shots.

  4. Some fine curves caught on this trip along with your continued photography genius.
    Um, which location were those scantily clad ladies, generally speaking that is? I want to avoid traffic in that area should I decide to visit the big apple again.

  5. Very fun read and great shots, so different from your natural landscape ones! Love the geometric lines and patterns. I haven’t seen the Calatrava yet and have put it on my list for next time we go through NYC. Looking forward to your exotic trip and postings! How long will you be gone? It’s going to be wonderful!

  6. Wow … amazing images … I love the lines and shapes you captured!! Irony is I am listening to the new Paul McCartney Album Egypt Station as the John Lennon Tribute popped up on my screen.

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